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Warmth. The sweet smell of the summer air. I stepped with my bare feet onto the rolling, grassy plain. The soft green grass tickled my toes. The warm wind passed across the field, creating ripples in the taller grasses which danced under the rich blue sky. Large puffy white clouds passed by overhead but never dared to encroach on such a beautiful day by passing in front of the sun. I saw two birds flutter past as another gentle breeze blew across the plain.

I was wearing a simple lime-green soft cotton dress, the most comfortable dress you could imagine. The top was sleeveless and form-fitting without feeling restrictive, while the lightweight skirt hung down past my knees and wafted around my legs from the breeze. I curled my toes, gripping the soft grass to enjoy its texture before finally sitting down in the field. A butterfly flittered in front of me and came to rest on my knee for just a moment before moving off to find a real flower.

I sat in the field for what seemed like hours, listening to the birds sing in a nearby grove of trees, breathing the sweet scent of wildflowers, watching a few busy bees making their rounds among the clovers.

It almost startled me when a cool breeze, almost unpleasant, passed across the field. I shivered for a moment, but soon the warmth seemed to return. I lay down on my back in the grass, looking up at the sky, watching as another cloud, shaped somewhat like one of those busy bees, passed by overhead.

Then, I felt the touch of fingers against my left calf. I lifted myself up onto my hands with a start and looked down. No one was there. Then I felt it again. This time the fingers were touching me in the curve of my waist. I looked closely and saw a faint blue glimmer. The glimmer moved around my waist and across my stomach, gently stroking, and then returned again to my waist. It was a soft touch, and the soft cotton of my dress, through which I was being touched, seemed to only make it softer. As I watched the glimmer I saw that it appeared to be a hand with fingers, attached to an arm that seemed to trail off into nowhere. The ghostly hand passed across my belly again, then traced down around the front of my thigh to my knee… then back up again across my belly. The touch was very pleasant, and for some reason I didn’t feel disturbed or bothered that I was being caressed by a translucent, bodiless hand which didn’t seem to even move my skirt as it stroked across it.

I continued to watch the hand as it reached up and took my shoulder, then stroked down my arm slowly and tenderly, continuing as it reached my hand, tracing each of my five fingers with its own. It reached around and touched me on my waist, on my right side this time, and then I felt a second touching my right thigh. I saw that second hand began to move up and down my thigh between my knee and my hip, while the first hand caressed my stomach. I cooed with delight as the hands continued their caress and the gentle heat of the sun and the sweet smell of purple clovers surrounded me, filling every one canlı bahis of my senses with pleasure. I laid down on my back again, smiling blissfully.

I felt the hand on my leg move to the inside of my right thigh. It was strange, as it moved upward from my knee, that I didn’t feel my skirt lift away from my legs. I raised my head, then propped myself up on my hands again to get a better look, not in concern but in curiosity. I saw the arm and part of the hand actually passing through my dress! I watched in awe as the hand moved up and down my thigh slowly, occasionally squeezing and massaging, while its counterpart gently traveled across my tummy. It felt just as soft as the one touching me though the outside of my dress, and I realized that it wasn’t the cotton making the fingers feel soft. The hand on my leg switched sides, and began to caress my left thigh again, still through my skirt, moving farther and father up with every motion. I gasped just slightly as the ghostly fingers moved within inches of my sex. I wanted them to keep going. I parted my legs just enough to make room for the hand to continue climbing higher, wondering only for a moment if it would understand the message. And then, I felt the fingers moving up my thigh again. I shivered with electricity as what felt like two of those fingers stroked slowly and tenderly up my outer lips and across my mound as the hand traveled to my tummy.

I sighed in pleasure and laid back again, aching for another soft touch between my legs. But none came. Instead, I felt both hands now caressing my tummy, working upwards. They traced around the outside of my small breasts, starting in the center and working their ways out, then circling back up my upper chest and then down through the valley of my cleavage. The fingers then spread and moved across the surface of my breasts, tenderly passing across my erect nipples.

I felt a new sensation. It felt like a kiss against my left breast. Soft, tender, and just a bit moist. Just as with the touch of the hands, it passed through the cotton to my skin beneath. Then another came. A third was placed directly on my nipple, then the wetness of an unseen tongue began to circle it slowly. I gasped and moaned, pressing my legs together as the tongue danced with my nipple, joined by a pair of invisible lips every few seconds. One of the hands was still fondling my right breast, while the second I now felt stroking through my long hair. I arched my back, pressing my nipple into the mouth that wasn’t there which suckled at me hungrily.

The mouth moved away. I thought I could see the soft blue shape of lips float by before I felt them descending on my right breast. It did not land on my nipple straight away, bit kissed around my breast in a wide circle which tightened slowly towards the center. I could no longer see the hand which had been on my right breast, but the hand which had been stroking my hair so gently now moved to my left where it began to caress and massage. I gasped as the mouth finally took in my nipple, the lips bahis siteleri grasping it, sucking, the tongue flicking the tender tip before swirling around it.

I could feel the moisture building between my legs. I thought for a moment about reaching down and beginning to satisfy my own growing need, but I could not bring myself to move. It almost felt wrong to do anything except to continue to lie back in the warm grass while my invisible lover continued its ministrations.

My lover did not keep me waiting. I felt the second hand again, its fingers moved down my belly, across my belly button, and passed slowly over my pubic mound. I curled my fingers, taking handfuls of grass as the fingers moved down again over my labia, the palm of the hand coming to rest on my mound. The mouth did not stop, but continued to suckle and kiss my aching nipple. Slowly, the hand then slid forward, cupping its palm around my whole sex, pressing against me just enough to drive me wild, but not enough to give me satisfaction. It was maddening! The mouth finally released my nipple, the hand on my breast moved, and I felt kisses trailing down between my breasts and towards my belly. One soft kiss followed another as the tender lips continued down towards my belly button, where they planted one last kiss and disappeared.

The only part of my invisible lover that remained touching me now was the hand on my pussy. Still motionless. The warm summer breeze passed over me again as I lay there in ecstasy waiting for what would come next. I finally felt the hand squeeze my labia, the relief so overwhelming that I moaned loudly. The hand began to massage the outside of my cunt, fingers stoking and kneading my labia. I could feel the moisture escaping from my cleft and wondered for a moment if it would cling to that ghostly hand. I began to lustfully buck my hips upward, my breath growing heavy.

I let out a loud cry as a finger parted my slit at the bottom and traveled upwards across my entrance and over my clit. It circled around my clit slowly and lovingly several times before traveling back down across my entrance. Several other fingers massaged between my outer and inner lips. Then I felt that one finger dip itself into me, just slightly. I bucked and moaned, trying to force it in deeper, but my efforts were futile. It circled around the shallow parts of my vagina teasingly for nearly a minute before finally entering in the rest of the way. I savored every moment of the soft finger’s journey into my depths. I cried out loudly again when it curled inside of me, probing the walls of my flooded tunnel.

I felt the other hand again, this time on my stomach, caressing from the edge of my breasts all the way down to my mound. A second finger joined the one within me, and began to pump in and out slowly, stopping at times to curl and probe inside of me.

When I felt the mouth kiss me at the very top of my cleft I nearly climaxed then and there. The soft lips kissed again, down a bit further, near to my clit. I felt the tongue snake bahis şirketleri into my folds. It pushed its way past my outer lips and across my clit, then suddenly back across it again in a forceful lick. The tongue began again, this time lower near my entrance, circling around where the fingers were buried inside me, tickling my entrance. The lips closed around my long inner lips, sucking on them as the tongue played between them sending electricity all the way through my body. I shuddered and cooed, my hands pulling up the blades of grass they had tightened around, my legs spreading wider to encourage my lover onward.

The mouth worked its way upward again to my clit, the lips closing around it, the tongue dancing with it as the fingers continued plunging in and out of me. It was more than I could take. I screamed loudly, my climax like a blinding explosion that began between my legs and tore through every part of my body. My eyes tightly shut, I bucked and writhed wildly against my lover who continued caressing, licking, kissing, and pumping all the way through my climax, which seemed to last forever.

I gasped. My body felt suddenly heavy. The warmth of the day seemed to have vanished and all that was left was a cool stillness. I heard no wind, no birds, no leaves rustling on branches. I opened my eyes. The blue sky had been replaced by a plain white ceiling. I felt no grass around me, only the soft sheets of my queen size bed and the old mattress beneath them which needed to be replaced. I was naked, which is normally how I sleep, but the blankets that normally covered me were thrown aside. I pushed my hair away from my face and blinked as my sleepy eyes began to focus, and my groggy mind processed what had happened.

As I had done in my dream, I raised myself up on my hands to look down at my body. I saw no ghostly lover between my legs, but a cute face with sparkling blue eyes, framed by dishwater blonde hair, staring up at me grinning and giggling. “Good morning!” she said, another giggle escaping with her words. I smiled down at her and shook my head. I glanced to my right and saw the bright green numbers on our digital clock showing eight-o-nine in the morning. “You just couldn’t wait until I got up, could you?” I said with mock irritation. She planted a quick but lustful kiss on my pussy lips as her answer, sending a small shudder of pleasure through me. I smirked.

I groaned and slowly pushed myself up into a full sitting position as she stood up on the bed, completely naked herself, and positioned herself so that she was standing directly in front of me, her sex less than a foot from my face. She then lowered herself down onto me, straddling my lap, and wrapped her legs around my back. She leaned in, kissing me, pressing her body into mine, the tips of her nipples brushing against mine. We broke the kiss, and I put my arms around her, pulling her close. She grinned playfully. “Well, I guess I’m not going back to sleep any time soon.” I said with a sigh. “Nuh uh!” she responded, staring into my eyes. With that, I suddenly pushed her off of me and back on the bed, tackling her in the next second, my legs intertwined with hers, our nether lips kissing. I grinned wickedly and laughed, “Then I guess it’s going to be a long morning!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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