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Doctor, Doctor

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The elevator stops at the lobby and she looks inside. Its full of people but there is room for just one more. She sighs looking at her watch and decides that if she doesn’t get this elevator she will be late so she slips inside. Not really being able to budge or move more then a few inches either way. She fidgets for a moment and as the elevator comes to its first stops it catches her a bit off guard and she is pushed backward against the man behind her. Embarrassed she mumbles an apology as she brushes her ass against his groin. She feels herself blush from head to toe but she distinctly feels a hard on press back against her ass. She turns her head over her shoulder to get a look at the man that possesses this tool. And he smiles at her. He has that boyish charm about him.

There are a fewer people in the elevator now and he steps closer to her. She feel his breath on the back of her neck as he bends to press a small kiss to the back of her neck. No one else notices…everyone else has moved to the front of the elevator. Its a big elevator because its a hospital elevator. The one that has a door on either side. He steps back against the door in the back of the elevator…She notice his name tag says MD and he is dressed in a lab coat. A Doctor hmmmmm…he must be new. She shudders underneath her scrubs. He grasps her ass with both hands squeezing her cheeks and she moves back against him. The elevator stops again at its second stop and suddenly they are the only ones left inside and she looks at the buttons and sees they are getting off at the same floor.

She turns to him and suddenly kisses him, wondering to herself all the while what has come over her.

Stunned he returns the kiss, his hands cupping and squeezing her breasts. He groans and pushes against her. Their bodies rubbing and grinding against one another. She can begin to feel his hard erection press against her pelvis. She thinks to herself what a pistol he must be packing.

The elevator shudders and the doors open at the next floor. He motions to her that its his stop and gives her the come hither look. She smiles and takes his hand and together they go to the end of the hall. It’s his office. The lobby is empty and all of his staff has gone bahis firmaları home.

He locks the main door and escorts her into an examination room.

It’s rather spacious and in the center is a examination table.

Stirrups……she thinks to herself…..Oh Gawd what kind of Dr. has she just seduced, she wonders silently.

He tells her to strip and lie on the table. Giving her nipples a squeeze and tug.

She hears his voice for the first time and his British accent makes her whole body quiver. She lies out on the examination table as he adjusts it to get a good view of her. Suddenly there is total darkness as a blindfold is placed over her eyes. Then she hears the unmistakable snap of gloves being slided over his hands. The very sound makes moisture start to grow between her thighs and she begins to move her hands down to spread her pussy lips and rub her clit.

As soon as she does she hears a “Tssssk, Tssk, Tsssk, not yet”, escape his lips.

He pulls her hands away from herself and places her hands in restraints that come from the arm rests all the sudden.

She feels the slippery wet feeling of KY jelly being squirted over her pussy lips and she groans softly. Her lips are slowly spread and her inserts a finger slowly gently into her. Pushing in and out getting to feel her. His other fingers slowly brush against her clit, which has just slipped from its hood and exposed itself to him.This makes him laugh and she quivers at the huskiness of his voice. He pinches her clit between two fingers and begins to slowly stroke it like a from the base to the tip of the her nubbin. It has become fully awakened at her arousal and she blushes remembering when her ex told her what a lovely large clit she had. She feels straps around her thighs and wonders what is going on. Her body grinds itself up against him as he slides another finger into her against the first one.

A switch is flipped suddenly and she feels a small vibration against her clit and can feel a small butterfly type vibe being pressed the rest of the way against the top of her wet slit.

As she feels the pleasure start to ripple through her body.

He adds a third finger pressing inside of her and she feels herself kaçak iddaa start to cum as he begins to stroke her faster. He alternates between a fast rhythm and then starts to make long teasing strokes. She feels a gush of cum run out over her thighs all hot and sticky wet as he pumps her.

She almost utters a protest as she feels two more fingers slide tightly into her slit.

She just can’t believe what is happening and he begins to slide his whole fist back and forth inside of her. She lifts her ass off the table in response urging him forward.

Groaning and panting as he explores her to the fullest. He pushes and pulls and she can hear what a naughty slut she is as squishing and slopping noises begin to feel the room.

She feels a flush of red flow through her body realizing that she is the source of the new sounds.

The vibrations increase for a moment but then he decides to just push the butterfly away and let his fingers do the walking on her clit. She can feel her moisture on her thighs and her it as she rubs against the table she’s strapped to. She quivers and moans as multiple orgasms just ripple through her body.

Thinking to herself…..I never knew it could feel like this.

Her body heaves and convulses and then everything goes black for a moment as she nearly passes out.

He chuckles again and slowly starts to pull his fist from inside her.

She groaned as the convulsions and shudders pulsed like small sparks from head to toe. Feeling empty she suddenly felt the bonds released from her arms.

She reached for him and pulled his hips close to her mouth.

Letting him slap his cock against her cheeks and then slowly rub it over the features of her face.

Teasingly darting her tongue out over the tip as it was brushed against her lips.

How her eyes burned with hunger as she saw the length and girth of his rigid member.

She wanted to suckle him.

He wanted her to plead for it and beg.

He laughed again as he saw that in her eyes….”C’mon you bold sassy woman…..Ask for it.”

She gulped looking up to meet his gaze on hers.

Her throat was dry and she had to work up a little saliva in her mouth just to be able to speak kaçak bahis the words.

“Please” was all that escaped her lips.

“Please, what?” was his cocky remark.

She groaned and asked again “Please let me suck your cock”.

Making him laugh again….”Well since you asked so nicely…..Is this what you want little slut?”

“Oh yes”, she groaned.

He waited for a moment and then when her lips parted again he pushed the full length of his cock into her mouth and down her throat, hearing her gag slightly.

“Mmmmmmm, yeah take it, take it all”, he groaned thrusting against her.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her head up so he could watch her face as he began to fuck it.

He took his time pushing against her with nice slow strokes, hearing her lips pop as he almost pulled it completely out of her mouth.

She could taste the saltiness of his spunk as it pearled on the head of his cock, giving her a little tease of what was to come.

He was going to give it to her allright.

He could feel his body start to heaten up as rushes of pleasure shook him. He felt himself building up like a just lit fuse on a stick of dynamite.

He fucked her mouth quicker now. Feeling her fast nimble tongue rush lap over the tip. Groaning as she teasingly brushed the bottom row of her teeth just barely grazing the underside of his length.

He picked up the pace of his pumping hips.

Her mouth felt like a cunt as he fucked it faster and harder.

She wanted to taste him……she wanted to swallow the salty flood that would feel her mouth….Or so she thought.

It was like she was a cat waiting for the cream.

She sucked him like she hadn’t had a cock in months.

He groaned and pulled his cock out of her mouth all the sudden.

She whimpered showing her displeasure and he laughed again.

His hand grasp the length of his cock, starting to stroke it harder.

His fingers rubbing the head.

He groaned feeling his balls tense up as he knew he was fixing to cum.

He milked his cock with his fist.

His whole body tensed up and then he let out a low guttural moan.

Cum shot out of his cock and splattered all over her face and up into her hair.

It spurted like a water hose when you put your thumb over the spray.

He watched her greedy tongue lap at the cum, and then let her lick his cock clean, watching her lick her fingers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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