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The two of us had been talking online for a while. We weren’t far from each other, but since I was new to the whole thing, I found it particularly difficult to muster up the courage to go to his house and take part in our desired acts. But god I found his whole persona to be incredibly attractive. I guess this is where I should provide some background.

You see, I knew I was bi and I knew when it came to women, I certainly preferred to be dominant in the bedroom, but when it came to men, I was the complete opposite. I wanted to be used for pleasure by whomever. My anonymous friend was a middle aged, quiet and un-assuming as well as fairly geeky personality which is exactly what I was attracted to. I knew these sorts of men had a propensity for being dominant which is not you’d expect given their reserved nature. But the things he told me he’d do to me were enough to get my cock stirring.

It was mid-winter and going outside to have the cold air sting my face was no fun, but I finally went to his house, just a few minute’s drive from where I lived. I texted him when I pulled up outside. “Here” I said.

Without delay “Ok, come on up. I’m on the second floor,” he said.

I walked anxiously up the side steps and stopped in front of his window where I saw him sitting on the couch watching television. I knew I was in for a fun night.

I knocked on the door, he answered and we introduced ourselves as I took off my jacket. I had been with strangers before but this had to be the most awkward first few minutes together. He invited canlı bahis me to sit on the couch and there we just talked and watched TV for a few minutes. “God my hands are all dried out from the cold” I said.

The only reason I said that was to break the awkward silence. “Really? Let me see” he replied as he grabbed my hands and began rubbing them to warm them up.

I saw him looking at my bulge, which was now in full effect. And so, it began.

“Take off your clothes” he said with a bit more force in his voice.

I did so without question. I began stripping down in front of him and before I could take off my boxer briefs he said “no, keep those on.”

I sat back down next to him and he placed my hand on his rock-hard cock which was showing through his sweatpants. I began caressing it, feeling it pulsing in my hand. After a minute, he got up and grabbed my arm and led me forcefully to his bedroom.

“On your knees” he demanded.

I found myself struggling to balance myself on my knees on the slick hardwood floor. He looked me in the eyes as he dropped his pants to reveal his tool. A beautiful one it was too. About 7.5″ uncut and thick. There was no beating around the bush with this man. “Suck my cock” is all he said and I had no choice but to obey.

I wrapped my lips around his thickness and slowly worked more of it into my mouth. I must have been pleasing him because he was exhaling deeply already. I was so focused on increasing his pleasure that I neglected to show him the proper respect. “Look me in the bahis siteleri eyes while you suck my cock” he growled.

I moaned with his dick still in my mouth as a sign of acknowledgment and apology. He placed his hand on the back of my head and began thrusting his cock into my throat, he didn’t care too much that I was gagging on it, he was loving it. Soon after his forceful attack began he erupted in my mouth and I made sure not to miss a drop as he pulled out.

My knees hurt as he led me to the bed where a blindfold and zip ties were waiting to restrain me. He asked me if I wanted to cum and I just nodded my head. “We’ll see” he said with that same lustful expression on his face.

He placed the blindfold tightly over my eyes and tied my hands over my head around the bedposts. There was nothing I could do but squirm for comfort. He pulled my boxer briefs off and began teasing my throbbing cock. I wanted to cum so badly but I wasn’t sure if I had earned that privilege yet.

He was methodical in his edging of me. He started off slowly then began using varying speeds, working me up close to the point of no return, then he’d stop. I couldn’t see a thing. The excitement of not knowing what was next was the best part of all this. Soon after I felt him shift down in between my legs. He began teasing my cock head with his tongue before allowing it all into his mouth where his tongue continued to circle around. I was fiercely squirming, trying my hardest not to cum and I was successful in doing so. He periodically switched between bahis şirketleri that and teasing my nipples, which were particularly sensitive that night, before stopping altogether. I lay there, silent waiting for his next move. Then, he got up and I heard his footsteps leave the room. In my head I was thinking “what could he possibly be doing?”

He came back sometime later, maybe 10 minutes and wasn’t surprised that I was still as hard as when we had left off. He granted me the privilege of being able to cum that night, but he made me promise I’d hold it in for as long as I could before shooting what was to be a massive load. “Yes” I panted as he was stroking me while giving these instructions.

He worked his way up to full speed and I was shaking and squirming violently as his soft hands moved up and down my shaft before finally I let out a loud groan and felt the warm liquid oozing out of my cock with the occasional spurt shooting all the way up to my chest

He removed my blindfold and restraints. I was squinting from the light as my eyes had been covered for a while although I had lost any sense of time that night. “Clean it up” he said.

I didn’t see a towel or anything to clean it up with so I just looked at him blankly. Then I understood what he meant. I scooped up the giant globs of cum with my fingers and lapped up every last drop of it until I was clean. “Good boy” he said.

We both got re-dressed and went back out to the living room. We chatted and watched TV for a little while longer and acted as if nothing had just happened. But I knew one thing and that was that this man was on his way to owning me. Pretty soon I’d be his and only his. I fantasized about our future encounters for the whole ride back home.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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