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Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 17

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A lot of people who know me find my sexual proclivities rather alarming. I don’t know what the fuss is about, though. Seriously. What’s wrong with being bisexual? I cannot fathom it for the life of me. Bisexual men and bisexual women have existed since the dawn of man. We’ve been heroes and villains, artists and entertainers, kings and queens, princes and robbers. You name it, we are it. Yet many people in America don’t much care for bisexuals. And some don’t even believe we exist. Such a shame. My wife Christina Henderson Greyhall and I are both openly bisexual and proud of it. There’s nothing wrong with us. We’re a respectable couple living in Boston. Christina is a college professor and I’m a lawyer. We have a son and daughter in private school. We love our lives. And we throw crazy parties on the weekends. Are we cool or what?

At my place of employment, I haven’t exactly hidden who and what I am. When people think of Alexander Greyhall, District Attorney, they don’t exactly picture someone like me. At six feet four inches and two hundred and forty eight pounds of hard-bodied, muscular black man, I look more like a professional football player than a legal eagle. Goes to show you that stereotypes are meaningless. I’ve never been an athlete. I just work out a lot and try to keep my body healthy. The closest I’ve come to being a sportsman was on my debate team at Watson College in Boston, Massachusetts.

I remember my college days fondly. College is where I discovered myself. I enrolled at Watson College in 2001. I had just graduated from Roxbury Latin Academy and basic ally, I wasn’t too sure of a lot of things. College seemed kind of overwhelming in many ways. Watson College seemed like a dream come true in many ways. A small private liberal arts school located in the heart of Boston. The institution had two campuses, one in Boston and the other in Peabody. The two campuses had a total of twenty thousand students. The fact that the school was minority-friendly ( thirty percent of the student body was black) and had an equal number of male and female students also attracted me.

Another reason why I came to Watson College is because my parents are both alumni. My father, James Greyhall played football for Watson College back in 1976. He was the team quarterback and it helped launch him into a ten-year career in the National Football League. My mother Elisabeth Jacen Greyhall used to be captain of the women’s basketball team. She played for the Women’s National Basketball team during the Olympics not once but twice. After that, she went on to become a women’s softball coach at UMass. Both my parents had fond memories of their days as student-athletes at Watson. Nowadays, Watson College still boasts of some pretty good sports teams. The school fields varsity teams in men’s baseball, basketball, cross country, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, ice hockey, football, wrestling, gymnastics, fencing, tennis and golf along with women’s softball, basketball, cross country, soccer, swimming, lacrosse, ice hockey, field hockey, rugby, gymnastics, fencing, tennis and golf. What istanbul travesti the campus brochures didn’t tell you is that Watson College was the gayest college in the country. There were twelve GLBT-oriented social clubs on campus. That’s more than any college in Vermont or San Francisco!

When I moved into the dorms, I met a lot of interesting people. Among them was my future wife Christina Henderson, the six-foot-tall, busty, curvy and big-bottomed, blonde-haired Irishwoman who led the Watson College women’s basketball team to glory at the NCAA Division Two championships last year. I must say that I was drawn to her. Why shouldn’t I be? She was so fine and sexy. Also, she had the kind of big booty that was quite rare on white females. She was the campus tour guide during Orientation Day. I must say she was easy on the eyes and I wasn’t the only person, male or female, who thought so.

Surprisingly, I ran into her in my Criminal Justice classes. Turns out we had the same major. In fact, we sat next to each other. We started talking. Classroom conversation led to eating lunch in the cafeteria together and later, to dinner and a movie. And the rest, as they say, is history. Christina Henderson was a fascinating woman. We had a lot in common. We were both driven individuals. We loved action movies and comic books featuring the likes of Superman, Spiderman and the Hulk. The best superheroes in the universe, in my opinion. We had a lot of fun together.

Folks, I’m happy to say we were sexually compatible. Christina was down with almost anything. She would lead me to her dorm, sit me down on her couch and then kneel before me and suck my dick. She could deep-throat my eight inches of long and thick, uncircumcised black dick with no problem. Christina simply loved sucking dick. I love watching her lick my balls and pump her hand up and down on my cock. My girlfriend loved the taste of black dick. Sometimes, I honestly think she was addicted to it. When I would cum all over her face, she would eagerly drink every last drop of my cum. Isn’t that a hoot? Afterwards, she would straddle me and ride me for all I was worth. Sliding my cock in and out of my girlfriend’s tight pussy felt like sweet heaven. I loved pussy and if loving it was wrong I didn’t want to be right. We would suck and fuck all night long, then start all over again when morning came.

Other times, Christina and I tried some truly wicked shit together. She bought a strap-on dildo and used it on me. At first, I was kind of apprehensive about it. But she guided me through it and it turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected. Christina put me on all fours and spread my ass cheeks wide open. Slowly, she pushed the dildo into my ass. I grunted as her plastic cock slid into my asshole. It hurt a little bit. Thankfully, Christina was patient with me. Slowly but surely, she worked most of the dildo into my asshole. I couldn’t believe how it felt. Man, it felt good but in a really weird way. Christina grabbed my hips and began thrusting the dildo deeper into me. She fucked me hard. I screamed istanbul travestileri in pain and pleasure as she took me for the ride of my life. Christina told me that she’d dreamed of fucking a black man with her strap-on for years. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I screamed as I felt her dildo stretch my ass. She clamped her hand over my mouth and slammed the dildo real deep into me, fucking my ass till it was raw. We went at it like this for what seemed like an eternity. Then Christina squeezed her plastic dick out of my ass and embraced me. Hot damn that was hot!

Yeah, we had lots of kinky fun in the bedroom. Sometimes, we had our fun in other ways. As it turns out, Christina was a bit of a prankster. Once, we went into the school parking lot and stuffed large candles into the tailpipes of cars belonging to various students and faculty members. One hundred cars in total. Man, people on campus were seriously pissed when they found out. The prank even wound up on the ten o’clock news. Christina and I acted like total ingenues and nobody suspected us. Our classmates and professors were beside themselves trying to figure out who the culprits were. They never did find out.

After this fun episode, we went back to my dorm and fucked like jackrabbits in cornfields. That night, for the first time ever, Christina let me have a go with her ass. I was kind of surprised, but really excited. She got on all fours, spread her ass and tossed me a can of lube. I knew just what to do. I lubed both my member and her ass, then positioned myself behind her and pressed my cock against her asshole. Slowly, I pushed my cock into her asshole. I thought I’d be gentle with her but once again Christina surprised me. She didn’t want me to make tender love to her. She wanted to get fucked. Hard. I was happy to oblige. I grabbed her hips and slammed my cock deep into her asshole. She groaned and urged me to fuck her harder. I couldn’t believe this shit. My sexy girlfriend was going buck-wild. She couldn’t get enough of my cock up her ass. So I fucked her hard, drilling my cock into her tunnel of darkness. She screamed obscenities as I tapped that big ass of hers and didn’t let on until I came. When I shot my load deep into her ass, she just lost it. An animal-like cry escaped her sultry lips. It raised every hair on the back of my head. Man, this chick was crazy!

Afterwards, we lay on the carpet, laughing like a couple of clowns. We had a lot of fun together but this relationship could definitely use some spice. So she brought another couple for us to play with. Christina introduced me to the happy couple, Watson College men’s varsity Wrestling star Wyatt Wilson and his girlfriend, Watson College women’s varsity Rugby player Linda Stanhope. They were both a lot of fun. Wyatt was around five-foot-ten, stocky and muscular, with dark bronze skin, green eyes and short, spiky black hair. A really sexy Mexican-American stud. His girlfriend Linda was around five-foot-six, skinny, with short red hair and pale blue eyes. A sexy Irishwoman straight from Galway. They were both budding travesti istanbul collegiate bisexuals who were anxious to experiment. We had a lot of fun with them one Friday night in Christina’s dorm.

I lay on the king-sized bed, getting my cock sucked by Wyatt. I must say the wrestler was a grade A cocksucker. Seriously. I didn’t know he had it in him but he sucked my cock and licked my balls like a professional. Meanwhile, Christina was getting busy with Linda. First, Linda buried her face between Christina’s muscular thighs, licking her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Christina loves having her pussy licked. It doesn’t matter if the licker is male or female. Trust me, I know. After getting a thorough lesbian lickdown from Linda, Christina fetched her strap-on and took Linda for a ride. Man, this was hot. Watching Christina and Linda playfully wrestle on the floor before Christina tackled Linda and put her on all fours. Then, Christina pushed the dildo into Linda’s pussy. Linda squealed. Christina grabbed her hips with one hand and her hair with the other and began pumping the dildo into the other woman’s snatch.

Man, watching all that hot lesbian action sure got me horny. I had a go with Wyatt’s ass. I put the sexy Mexican-American stud on all fours, greased up his asshole and pushed my cock into him. Wyatt grunted as I began fucking him. I laughed and slammed my dick deep into his hole. I’ve fucked enough assholes, both male and female, to know when I’m dealing with a virgin. Wyatt was no virgin. He was a power bottom all the way. I watched his thick cock harden as I gave his ass a serious pounding. I reached under him and stroked his cock while fucking him. He loved it!

Meanwhile, Christina and Linda were doing their thing. I noticed a rare turnabout. It was Linda who now wore the strap-on dildo and she had my Christina on her hands and knees. First, Christina sucked on the dildo, getting it nice and wet, then she spread her ass for Linda. Gleefully, Linda pushed the dildo into Christina’s asshole. Christina squealed as Linda began to give her sexy white ass the butt-fuck of the century, courtesy of a very long and smooth dildo. Man, I wish I could join them but I was busy with Wyatt. His ass gripped my cock like a vise. It was so much fun to fuck. We went at it like this for like a half hour or so, then I came. Wyatt screamed as my cum filled his ass. I laughed and smacked his butt. Cheer up, stud! It’s over now. Nearby, Linda eased her dildo out of Christina’s ass. Christina winced as the dildo exited her backdoor. She and Linda looked at each other, grinned and kissed. I blew them a kiss, then gave Wyatt a hand up. We went to the shower.

And this, folks, sums up one of the wildest nights of my life. My girlfriend Christina definitely knew how to have fun. We invited Wyatt and Linda to play with us on a few occasions. They were fun until they broke up. These days, Wyatt has a boyfriend and Linda has a girlfriend. Christina and I continued dating throughout college. We both earned our bachelors degrees in Criminal Justice from Watson College, then went to Suffolk Law School. We bought a house in Boston’s South End. I joined the District Attorney’s Office and Christina went back to Watson to teach. In-between, we had a pair of brats. These days, we’re happily living in the burbs. One big happy family.

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