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Finding the Fourth Girl

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Kate stirred her margarita with her finger then swept her red hair behind her ear and looked around the party. “You shouldn’t have a hard time breaking the ice. You’ve probably slept with half the girls here.”

To Seth, that could be good or bad. “There aren’t very many girls here. Not yet, anyway. How would you know something like that?”

You know we tell stories, right? Even the ones that don’t know you are probably saying, ‘Oh yeah, that guy.'”

Seth swigged his beer and turned to look over Kate’s shoulder. “That doesn’t make me feel great. Is Beth here? Don’t believe anything Beth tells you.” He watched across the room as a woman separated herself from two men by the piano. She touched one of the caterers to say something, and then her eyes met his. He nudged Kate. “Who’s this?”

Kate turned close by Seth’s side. “That’s Nadia—my boss. It’s her party.”

Nadia and Kate each held their drinks in one hand, performed an awkward little embrace, and air-kissed. She glanced at Seth for a short moment then touched the sleeve of his blazer and told Kate, “I love what you brought me.”

Seth grinned without managing a word, and his attention flicked down from Nadia’s eyes and the blond hair tied at the back of her head. He was fascinated.

Kate tugged on Seth’s arm to pull herself a little closer. “This is Seth. He can talk when he isn’t so impressed.”

Seth held his hand out to Nadia. “Very impressed.” He felt stupid for saying so.

Nadia ignored Seth’s hand and looked past him while his eyes traced the lines of her throat to her bare shoulders. Her dress hid the shape of her breasts, but it hugged her narrow waist and the curve of her hips. She paused before she stepped past him and gave him a little smile. “I’ll find you later, and maybe then we can talk.”

Seth fought back the urge to watch Nadia walk away and looked to Kate instead. “I think I’ve been objectified.”

“You’re fucking insightful, you know?” Kate wasn’t smiling. “For me that’s a game we play. I’m not sure it’s a game for Nadia. She’s a set designer. She might already have a place picked out for you in her décor.”

Seth didn’t know what to make of that, so he didn’t try. Instead, he watched the growing crowd. The chatter already drowned out Nadia’s background music, and he heard a familiar voice beside him say, “Look at this! It’s a meat market in here!”

Kate laughed and sipped her drink. “Beth is right behind you.” Kate reached past Seth to get Beth’s attention. “Hey you! When did you get here?”

Beth was a dancer. She was bone and muscle wrapped in a pink jumpsuit, with dark hair pinned up behind her ears. She turned and gave Seth a look like maybe the meat in the market had gone bad. “Not even long enough to get a drink.” She held her hand out to Kate. “Quick sip?”

Kate handed over her margarita, and whispered so that only Seth could hear. “That’s Ginny Ames beside her. Ginny’s an actress with plans.”

Ginny tried to see through the people in front of the bar. “I told you it would be a meat market, didn’t I? It’s a hookup party, but it’s the after party that really counts.”

Beth stepped around Seth to return Kate’s margarita. “Thanks, but couldn’t you find better company?”

Ginny kept her eyes on the bar while she talked. “I’m going to get a drink, but I’ll wait until Don’s out of the way. The man’s a walking penis, and I don’t want to deal with him right now.”

Seth was pretty sure he was in the wrong conversation. He looked from Ginny to Kate for an answer. “Who’s Don?”

Kate was biting her lip. “Nadia’s ex. He’s a producer of some kind. He shows up on our set about twice a month.”

Ginny tugged on Beth. “Come on. Don’s coming this way, and we can get around him.”

Seth held up his empty beer. “Get me another?”

Beth scowled at Seth as Ginny pulled her away. “Eat me,” was all she said.

“Not long ago I would have taken her up on that.”

Seth was talking to Kate, so he was surprised when Nadia answered. “So you can talk now! What happened between you and Ginny’s friend—Beth is it?”

“I’m not sure. She was my girlfriend until about two months ago. We didn’t talk or anything after we broke up, then about two weeks ago she started hating me.” Seth reached to touch Nadia’s arm. “Look, I felt stupid earlier. You took me by surprise.”

“Look Mr. Seth. I was flattered.” Nadia dismissed his worry with a wave of her hand. “Tell me, did you bring Kate, or did she bring you?”

“It’s Griffin. I drove.” Seth looked around. “Where did Kate go?”

Nadia pointed through the crowd. “She found my ex. Don has a thing for my assistants. For him, I think it’s like, ‘I had the mom and now I get the daughters, too.’ If I read Kate right, then it’s a match made for the back seat of his Mercedes, and he probably won’t waste time getting her there. You aren’t a couple, are you?”

“Just friends—sometimes with perks. I don’t know why she wanted me here, but I thought we’d end up at my place.”

“She istanbul travesti brought you for me.” Nadia’s lips stretched into a smile. “I have plans for you. Don’t spoil them by leaving.” She walked away without another word, and this time Seth turned his head to watch.

Seth took his eyes off Nadia’s ass and managed two steps toward the bar before he was stopped by a voice beside him. “Hey, Seth! Got a sec?”

It was Allison. Seth gestured with his beer bottle. “I was going to the bar. Can I get you something?” Allison was a short, soft girl who kept her hair bobbed so it wouldn’t get messed up by all the bodily fluids she liked to splash around.

“I’ll come with you.” Allison tucked her arm around Seth’s elbow. “You know that Nadia gets her pick of guys, right? It sounds like she picked you—for now, anyway. That can change.”

“Yeah? Well, I’m interested, so I’ll take my chances.” Seth dropped his bottle into the garbage and leaned on the bar. He waited for Sam—the barkeep—to step over. “I had a beer, now I’ll have scotch on the rocks.” He turned to Allison. “What do you want?” It was his first good look at her. “Nice top.”

“White wine.” Allison took a step back and held her hands out so she wouldn’t block his view. She shimmied her shoulders and laughed. “You don’t think it hides too much?”

Seth pulled his eyes up from Allison’s tits to give her the drink. “I heard you got a job in post-production. How are they treating you?”

“They keep me busy.” She followed Seth as he backed away from the bar, and she squeezed herself against him. “I don’t have time to be coy anymore.”

“When were you coy? What are you into these days?”

“I can’t do much fun stuff at work. They watch our computers too much. Public masturbation is still a turn-on. Light bondage, anonymous sex, that sort of thing.” Allison kept her eyes on Seth’s face. “I have a hard time arranging anonymous sex. That’s why I grabbed you. Can you give a girl a hand?”

Seth started to say, “But we know each other,” then realized what Allison meant. There were three men at the end of the bar who’d stopped to talk and watch the eye candy. He stepped in front of Allison, set his scotch on the bar, and pointed to her drink. “Down that.”

Allison wasn’t sure what Seth was doing, but she went along with it. He twisted her arm behind her back and turned her to face the men at the bar. He reached into her blouse to cup her tit, and he felt a rush of excitement course through her body like an electric current.

Seth watched over Allison’s head. “This one’s kinda kinky. Who wants it?”

There was hardly a pause before one man and then another stood up. Allison finished her wine in two gulps while she watched them step close, and the scent of her sudden arousal flooded Seth’s senses. He looked from one man to the other. “Here’s the deal. You can’t ask her name or tell her yours. Take her someplace close, and bring her back when you’re done.”

Allison twisted away from Seth. She turned back to give him her empty glass and a curious look, and without saying a word she led her guys through the room and out the door.

Seth tossed Allison’s wine glass into the garbage, picked his scotch up from the bar, and tipped it to the man beside him. “You weren’t interested?” He put his hand out. “I’m Seth.”

“I’m Darren, and I know Allie. I wouldn’t give her what she’s looking for.” He shook Seth’s hand then pushed himself away from the bar and turned to face Seth. “It looks like you might be after Nadia.”

Seth shrugged. “I don’t know if it’ll work, but she’s hot. It might be fun finding out.”

Sam had been listening from behind the bar. He straightened his back and gestured to Seth. “What are you, like twenty-four?”

Darren laughed when Seth nodded his answer. “She’s fourteen years older than you. You might be in over your head.”

Sam handed a beer to Darren then directed his attention with a tip of his head. “Hugh and José are giving your wife a lot of attention.”

“I put José up to it. Tonight, I think Peg would rather be a Peg sandwich between two bi guys than stay late with us.” Darren turned back to the bar. “We’ll need another girl, but Nadia’s always good at finding another girl.”

* * *

Don didn’t give Kate any reason to think that he’d take her slowly, but she was still surprised when he pushed her back against the side of his car and yanked her shirt open. His big hands grasped her tits. His lips and his short beard brushed her throat. He stifled the noises she wanted to make by covering her mouth with his, and he forced her legs apart.

Kate clutched at Don’s chest and his arms. His muscles were tense, and his passion overwhelmed her. He lifted her off her feet with his hand between her thighs and an arm around her back, and without thinking she writhed in his grip to grind her clit against his hand.

Don gripped Kate’s arm and threw the back door open. “Get in. On your knees.” He climbed into the car after her, and istanbul travestileri he climbed over her. He held her against his chest, and pushed his hand into her pants. Kate threw her head back against his shoulder when his fingers penetrated her wet cunt, then he pushed her pants and her thong down to her knees.

Kate clutched at the back of the seat and gasped for air as Don plunged his cock into her. His heat engulfed her; his breath burned on her neck, and his thrusts pounded the wind out of her. Don forced himself deep and grunted each time his thick cum gushed into Kate, and then he relaxed on her back and that mix of her nectar and his cream trickled down her thigh.

* * *

The room seemed a little louder, and the dim light hid secrets in dark corners. Seth saw Nadia separate herself from Beth and slip alone onto the terrace, and he left the last of his drink on the bar.

Nadia stood by the rail looking at her view of the city, and Seth stepped up beside her. She barely glanced his way. “It was time for a break. People are getting louder.” She stifled a little laugh. “We saw what you did for poor Allie. She should be grateful.”

“Maybe. I don’t need her to be grateful.” Seth gripped the rail and leaned out. “You have a nice view.”

“It’s one of the reasons I bought this place.” Nadia turned away from the view and watched Seth. “I was just talking to Beth.”

Seth watched Nadia’s expression. “I saw. Beth hates me. Don’t believe anything she says about me.”

“I don’t think she hates you. I think she’s hiding behind her anger. She’s protecting herself.” Nadia put her hand out. “Give me your hand. What do you do, Mr. Seth?”

“The name’s still Griffin. I’m a writer. I want to be a screenwriter—probably young adult stuff.”

Nadia seemed to barely listen. She took Seth’s hand in hers and stroked it. “Your hands are big—I like that—and they’re rough. They didn’t get rough like this from typing on a keyboard.”

“Writing doesn’t pay many bills, so I’m a grip, too. I’m learning the business from the bottom up, I guess.” He paused because Nadia still seemed enthralled with his hand. “Is there something you want out of me?”

She dropped his hand and smiled. “Attention. I love getting attention from attractive young men.” Seth leaned over Nadia while she answered his question, and she put her hand out to stop him. “What are you doing?”

“Sorry. I wanted to smell you.”

Nadia backed toward the door. “If you play your cards right, then you might get to smell and taste me all you want, but that has to wait for later. Come with me. I have a place for you.” Her little laugh disappeared into a surprised squeak, and she turned around to find out who she’d bumped into. “Peggy! I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.”

Peggy touched Nadia’s arm. “I ran into you, honey.” She pointed at the men beside her “Hugh and José offered me sex and breakfast. I took them up on it, but I wanted to tell you that I had a wonderful time.” She looked around the party. “You have a beautiful home, but I don’t envy your clean-up.”

Nadia waved her off. “The caterer will do light cleaning tonight then I have an appointment for Monday to get everything steamed—these parties get a little messy. Your husband’s still here, isn’t he?”

“Darren? He’s here for the night. Just make sure he gets home tomorrow.”

Nadia touched José’s arm, but she was still looking at Peggy. “Have fun. I hear that José cooks a great breakfast—and that you might need it to recharge.”

Nadia watched Peggy leave then faced Seth and smoothed his blazer. “Peggy leaving changes my plans a little.” She flattened her hand on his chest. “Step back. Again. Again.” She stood him by an unframed abstract just inside the terrace door. “You look great right there. I’m getting a drink. Do you want one?”

“I’ll pass.” If Seth was getting in over his head then maybe he shouldn’t drink. He watched Nadia make rounds on her way to the bar and realized that she wasn’t coming right back, and he wasn’t going to stand there like her new torchiere.

The room was filled with couples and small groups of people. Darren sat down at the piano, and the conversation and laughter blended with his music. Seth spotted Ginny and Beth talking with an athletic-looking actor about his age. That was Gerry, if he remembered right.

Ginny’s eyes met Seth’s, and her hand brushed Beth’s shoulder as she left. Seth struggled to turn a grin into a more reserved smile as she stopped beside him and swept her honey-colored hair behind one ear. “You know who I am, right? I heard Nadia say that she might keep you around for her after party.”

“You know, I’ve heard something about ‘later.’ Do you know what that’s about?”

Ginny stifled a laugh. “Maybe Beth’s right and you really are a dim bulb.

“It’s about sex, and about sex with the right people. You know Nadia. Jackie’s an assistant director. For you, they’re the right people.” She gestured to Darren at the piano and Sam behind travesti istanbul the bar. “For me, Sam and Darren are the right people. Sam tends bar for Nadia’s parties, but in real life he’s a pretty high-level producer, and Darren’s a casting director. If they’re in town, then they’re always at Nadia’s after party.”

Seth’s eyes wandered down Ginny’s body and up again. “You and Beth are a matched pair. Are you going to be there?”

Ginny waved him off. “My boobs are bigger than hers.

“I’ve been there once before, but I don’t know about tonight. Nadia and Jackie decide who gets to stay.” Ginny watched Nadia talking to Sam then stepped close enough for Seth to feel the heat of her body. “If you put in a good word for me when you’re talking with Nadia, then later we can get to know each other a lot better.”

Seth followed Ginny when she turned away, but she took a few steps before he caught her arm. “I’d like that chance.”

Ginny brushed his hand off her arm. “You and every straight guy in here.”

Seth caught her again. “Look, you’re hanging out with Beth. Do you know why she’s so mad at me?”

“Maybe you should ask Allie.”

Seth watched Ginny wind her way through the crowd by the bar then felt a hand on his hip and found Nadia beside him. “You didn’t wait for me. How am I supposed to find you if you aren’t waiting for me?”

“I’m not furniture. Do I look like furniture?” Seth reached for Nadia, but she backed away. “It’s hard to give you my attention when you leave to make your rounds.”

Nadia tucked her hand into the crook of Seth’s elbow, but she still stayed a half-step away. “Then you can finish my rounds with me, and everyone will think the rumors they hear are true.” They’d hardly turned around before Nadia touched a woman’s arm and said. “Sadie! Did you bring your husband tonight?”

Sadie gave Nadia a smile and Seth got a curious look. “Not tonight. I’m off my marital leash for the weekend.” She waved a hand toward Seth. “I’m looking for something like this.”

Nadia barely paused. She reached past Sadie and turned a man around with her hand on his shoulder. “This is Gerry. Give him a second, and he’ll be glad to tell you about all of his finer points.”

Gerry grinned at Nadia, but missed what she meant. “We’d need a lot more than a second.” He scanned Sadie with obvious interest.

Nadia tugged Seth away and whispered in his ear. “No, a second is about all that takes.” She kept a constant smile while they circled the room. She checked on new guests, encouraged people to mingle, and then she stopped Seth before they reached the piano. “Do you know Ginny? What were you two talking about?”

“She introduced herself, sorta. She wants to be in your after party, and she asked me to put in a good word for her. Is ‘motivated’ a good word?”

“Sure. Count it that way.” She waved to catch Darren’s eye. “Let’s talk to Darren.”

Nadia pulled Seth to the piano and made a little show of settling on the bench beside Darren. He didn’t miss a beat in “The Tennessee Waltz” when he moved to give her a little room, and Nadia sang the song in his ear so only Darren could hear. It wasn’t a long song and when it was over, Nadia signaled to Sam to turn on the background music.

Darren closed the lid over the keys. “That gave me shivers. You want something.”

Nadia laughed. “Of course I want something, and I’m not the only one.” She looked around and found Ginny watching. “You know I had to fix things after Peggy left.” She nodded toward Ginny. “Does she fix things? We had her here one night when you were in Toronto, and she acted like God’s gift to men. Just ask Sam.”

Darren groaned. “Another girl with a plan. Could we get one that just wants sex?”

“We both know girls who just want sex, but you wouldn’t give them the time of day—much less have breakfast with them. Give Ginny an audition. I’ll tell her that you want a word with her, and I’ll go with whatever you say. Don’t take too long.”

Nadia stood up and nudged Seth toward Ginny. “We’ll find out how motivated she is.” She put her hand out to touch Ginny’s arm and leaned to her ear. “Things changed, and we need a stand-in tonight. Seth put in a word for you.” Nadia gestured over her shoulder. “You know Darren, yes? He’d like to talk to you—alone.”

“If you give me a chance, then I won’t disappoint.” Ginny air-kissed with Nadia, smiled at Seth, and stepped past them on her way to the piano.

Nadia watched Ginny for a moment. “I need to talk to Sam, but the bar’s busy, so we’ll take the long way.” They went back the way they came, but it seemed like all the couples and small groups had changed. Nadia stopped near the bar and positioned Seth under a light. “You wait here.”

Seth was annoyed. “You know, I’m still not furniture.”

Nadia laughed and whispered in Seth’s ear. “I’m not arranging furniture. It’s more like a chemistry experiment.” He wasn’t sure how that was better, but he stayed and turned to look at people around him.

Beth stood with her back to him just two feet away. She dragged her hair through her fingers and laid it over her shoulder, and the muscles in her bare back rippled with the motion. She hadn’t said anything nasty, so she probably didn’t know he was there.

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