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Reporter’s Dilemma Pt. 07

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When Cindy returned home, she immediately called Caroline and told her all about her first starring role. Caroline listened with amazement, she didn’t know how horny her cousin was, until now.

“Gregor said you don’t have to bring me with you tomorrow, I passed my ‘casting couch’ interview with flying colors!” she giggled. “He said that he wants to do a porno starring us two together, I’m up for that! Ever done it with another woman, Caroline? I have, and you’ll love the loving, smooth stroking, the soft skin, so sensual, so erotic. I knew my way around another woman’s thighs, oh yeah, think of me, your very own cousin, between your thighs, giving your sweet fuck-hole the kind of doting, licking, wet, hot pleasure that women can give each other so well. I’ve wanted to be a kissing cousin with you baby, for a long time! Sounds good, doesn’t it baby?”

The juicing up of her tight pussy responded in the affirmative, she whispered, “Yes, oh that sounds so nice.”

“The online feed for my first role will be ready this evening, you’ll get the free download if you enter Cindy on the promo line. Then you’ll get to see me, Cindy, AKA Carlotta Cock Slut, in her first starring role!”

After dinner, Caroline went on her computer, called up the online feed, and watched with awe as Cindy took on a hard cock up every hole she had. She stared in open-mouthed wonder as Cindy got her ass hole plugged with that huge monster dick, it had to be at least 10 inches, then her tight little pussy took on a 9 inch cock, and there was Gregor, getting his cock into her hot mouth. All 3 of her cousin’s hot, horny holes were filled, oh fuck, how did it feel, getting her ass, pussy and mouth fucked at the same time? Caroline felt her pussy going from simmering to hot and horny. She watched as Cindy eagerly took position, no shame, and displayed her thick cream pies, then eagerly splattered the cameras with the hot, juicy loads that had filled her ass and pussy. Caroline’s tight pussy was on fire, she needed Brad’s cock, now.

The kids were in bed. Caroline stripped naked in the bedroom, then casually strolled out to the living room, cocked her hips, and beckoned with her fingers. Brad’s eyes lit up, he eagerly drank in the sight. His wife Caroline had turned into some sex-hungry tigress, her hot body displayed to perfection, that horny hungry light in her eyes, inches from his face.

“Let’s go to bed baby, I want to rock our worlds!” she growled huskily.

In the bedroom, she stripped Brad naked and urged him to lie down. Caroline smiled as she saw his cock, rock hard and ready, just as ready as she was. Caroline swung into position, she could see Brad enjoying the vision of her crouched over him, ready to lower her steaming fuckhole down on his cock. She lowered herself down on his throbbing cock, letting out moans of pleasure, impaling her fiery center on his swollen cock, taking him in until with one final thrust down, she had his cock buried to the balls.

“Oh yeah, fuck, feels so good, oh yeah”, Caroline purred.

Caroline lifted then pumped down hard again, every thrust made her pussy throb with lust. She tossed her hair back, her face uptilted slightly, her mouth open, letting out sounds of pleasure as she rode him. She started to pick up the pace, needing to feel the throbbing of Brad’s hard cock exploding and squirting wildly inside her, filling her up with a load of hot spunk.

Brad enjoyed the sight of Caroline’s sexy body, her grapefruit sized mounds, nipples stiff and rock hard, tingling with sexual excitement, bouncing up and down in time to the lunges of her riding his cock. Caroline brought her hands escort izmir into play, cupping her luscious melons, pulling and tweaking her nipples, letting out cries of pleasure fired him up, and he reached up, gently brushed her hands away, and he took over, caressing her mounds, tweaking at her hard, aching nipples, he lifted enough so her could suck on them.

Caroline growled, “Oh yeah baby, play with my tits, suck them, fuck it feels so good!”

Brad could feel his balls filling up, his cum swirling, his mouth was busy licking at her hard, stiff nipples, Caroline’s tight pussy was clamped around his cock, wanting his load, hungry and eager for the wet spray. The hot morning suck and fuck session, and the hot nooner blowjob, had taken away the 2 minute rabbit fuck urge, and he grunted with pleasure at each thrust, his cock was reveling in the sensation of being stroked and milked at for a good, long time, fuck, it felt incredible.

Caroline’s mind pulled up the scene she had watched just a short time ago, of Cindy, no shame, as she displayed her thick cream pies, the lust-filled smile as she then eagerly splattered the cameras with the hot, juicy loads that had filled her ass and pussy. That did it, and Caroline felt the wave racing at her.

“Fuck, oh fuck, yeah, gonna cum, fuck, so good, yes, yes, YES!”

She felt her tight pussy contract, eagerly squeezing at him, and her orgasm rammed into her, she howled with pleasure, dimly, she heard her husband’s loud grunts, he arched up and she felt the hot wet rush of his load pouring deep into her, being pumped all over her tight pink walls, making her orgasm go on, her body shivering in blissful fulfillment.

Caroline wasn’t ready for sleep, and the next few hours were a steamy mix of licking, sucking, and fucking. Caroline’s sexuality, brought out of dormancy, had re-awakened the fire of Brad’s lust and Caroline’s cries of orgasm filled the bedroom several times, as he licked her quivering pussy, and plunged deep into Caroline’s steaming cunt again, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. The look of pleasure on Caroline’s sexy face just drove him wild, and he loved giving her a long, hard ride, her pussy quivering wildly through orgasm after orgasm, until with a roar, he exploded again, pumping as much spunk into her quivering pussy as he had left in his well drained balls.

The next day, Caroline was back at the studios, ready for her second starring role, Gregor smiled, and said, “Welcome back Susie, here’s today’s script.”

The plot, slender as it was, had Gregor and his buddies coming back for another round. Susie Cream Pie, aka, Caroline, liked getting her ass hole fucked so much that she wanted a four man lineup to fuck her asshole. Oh jeez, one was bad enough, now her ass hole was gonna get four plowings. And of course, the script called for her to display her cream pie for the camera, then to squirt all four loads out of her just fucked ass hole and flood that lens with a four man cocktail of fresh spunk.

Caroline grunted, they sure like the back door, and I’m gonna be spraying four loads of cum out of my ass. Investigative journalist, oh yeah, she was gonna be the crusading reporter, what a laugh. The only things doing any crusading were the stiff hard cocks filling her ass hole.

Once the cameras were rolling, a minute or two of the paper-thin plot, before she was back on the platform, oh yeah, the camera’s gonna get a close up of her ass hole being plugged 4 times. She felt her ass hole being lubed up, and Lance was up first.

“Relax baby, just relax as much as possible, I’ll ream you slowly,” Lance said softly to izmir escort bayan her. “I’ll make sure my cock is well oiled.”

She did her best to relax. Even with the dousing of oil, the feeling of her ass hole being violated stung like hell, and her pained cries filled the studio as her ass hole was impaled. She felt the shame as she knew that well positioned camera was capturing the moment of her tight ass being pried open again. Lance, to his credit, gave her a slow reaming, grunting as he felt the tight clamp of her asshole clutch at him. Finally, with one more grunt of pain, she felt his cock buried to the balls, 9 inches of prime cock stuffed up her tight chocolate way.

“Yeah baby, umm, so tight, virgin tight, feels so good.”

Lance pulled back, and again slid it deep, Caroline’s grunts of discomfort as her ass hole was fucked, god, people actually did anal sex for pleasure? All she was getting was the feeling of being anally raped. At least Lance was fucking her slowly, it had dulled down to just discomfort, and she bore it as best she could, feeling like she had no choice.

Lance grunted, “Oh yeah, cumming baby, fuck YEAH!” Caroline let out a small cry as he stuffed his cock in as deep as possible, giving short pumping jabs, and she felt the rush of hot sperm, pumped deep into the tight grip of her ass. When he pulled out, Bruce was ready, and Caroline gave out more pained cries as Bruce was not interested in being gentle with her. Once he had violated the tight ring, he thrust hard and fast, stuffing his 9 inches in, right to the balls, and set up a fast fuck, ramming her over and over. Her ass hole was throbbing, fortunately, that brought on his explosion quickly, he grunted and growled, she squealed with the sudden sting as he gave each cheek a hard smack with his hand as he unloaded, another gusher of hot cum being dumped into her ass.

Gregor’s direction had Tony’s 10 inches taking her last, for the piece de resistance, so Gregor was happy to be in on the action, as the third cock to take that tightness. He took her asshole slowly, pushing in his 8 inches as gently as he could.

Caroline could feel a glow starting deep inside. The two loads of cum helped to lubricate her tight tunnel, making Gregor’s drive up her Hershey highway a smoother ride. With Gregor fucking her ass slowly, gently, her traitorous body gave it up. Her mind was shut out of the decision making process, she felt the enjoyment take over, oh yes, now she was feeling what was good about anal sex. Gregor’s hands gripped her hips, as he pistoned his glistening prick in and out slowly. Oh yeah, now it was pleasure, oh fuck, it felt so fucking good, and her body responded, as she started to hump back at Gregor’s cock. The idea of being used as a live fuck doll, for horny men to stroke their cocks to, was no longer humiliating, it was making her lust blaze.

“Yes, oh fuck yes, feels so good, fuck my ass baby, I want more cum in my hot, tight hole, I love it!”

Gregor grunted and started to fuck her faster. He grinned, so many women, with a stilted, stuffy, going through the motions sex life, once they were on camera and introduced to rock hard cocks, and pure, primal fucking, they came alive.

Caroline was no exception, her body had come alive, and she had a hand jammed between her thighs, feeling the ramming of his cock as she started to stroke herself. She couldn’t stop, even if she wanted to, she needed to cum, cum like crazy with Gregor’s cock fucking her ass. Plunging fingers into her wet, juicy hole, fingers sensuously swirling around her clit, she felt the wave, the tingles starting deep down in her izmir escortlar womb.

“Fuck me, oh my god, gonna cum, gonna cum so fucking, gah, gah, GAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!”

Caroline’s voice rose to a scream, she felt the wave crash into her over-heated pussy, her juices gushed crazily, and she felt the clenching and unclenching start, the tightness of her ass hole milking even tighter at Gregor’s plunging cock. The wave just kept pounding at her, she was cumming, over and over, it was like nothing existed except her body, cumming over and over.

Gregor felt the virgin tight clutch, he growled and his cock erupted, the spasming of Caroline’s tight ass hole sucking at his prick, emptying his balls into her back door.

Caroline was primed up, even when she felt Tony’s 10 inches of rock-hard prick spread apart her ass hole, and begin a slow, grunting reaming, the howls and cries she was making were a lot more pleasure. Even when he forced in the last 2 inches, stretching her ass hole to the max, the zings of pain were overwhelmed by the feeling of fullness, it made her traitorous body sizzle with lust.

“Yeah, fuck me, fuck my ass, blow your balls deep inside my ass!”

Tony was happy to do so, and he was grunting on each plunge into Caroline’s ass. Oh yeah, so tight, he took great pleasure in drilling her, and with Caroline howling and yelling, urging him on to fuck her harder, faster, he was happy to oblige. He could feel the build up, a full load of cum swirling in his balls, oh yeah, he was gonna blow a gusher.

Caroline was masturbating furiously, her overheated pussy was building up, and she felt the wave pick up speed, racing at her.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, gonna cum, oh fuck, yes, yes, YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHH!”

Caroline’s scream filled the stage, and she felt another massive orgasm grab her, shaking her like a rag doll. Dimly, she felt Tony’s cock, so hard, fuck it felt like she was impaled on a steel pipe, start pulsing, then she felt a huge load of hot warmth blooming deep inside, as Tony’s cock burst deep, pouring a veritable flood of cum deep inside her.

When he pulled out, Caroline rose, squatting over the camera, knowing what she had to do, as the second camera moved in close, to capture the double action. She pulled her ass cheeks apart, her cream pie displayed for everyone, then she tightened down, squeezed, and a huge glut of cum splattered all over the lens directly below her. This time, she was not consumed by shame, she felt strangely empowered. All those horny little perverts watching, wishing they could bone her asshole, and having to make do with stroking their stiff cocks to the sight of big, hard cocks filling her up, having no chance to do what they were seeing. She kept squeezing, rivers of cum poured out of her ass, she realized how much they filled her up as she farted out lots of air and lots of hot recently deposited cum.

When the last bit of cum had been dumped out, Gregor grinned, and shouted, “CUT, oh yeah, fantastic!”

He helped Caroline to her feet and saw her face, the change was evident. Gone was the timid, mousy little woman of two days ago, whose face had burned with shame. In its place was the hungry, eager look of a woman who was discovering what kind of sexual animal lurked inside her, face flushed, eyes gleaming with the look of a well fucked glow.

Caroline looked down, amazed at the massive pool of mixed cum that had poured out of her ass. It just made her need more cock, as Gregor led her to the shower. Caroline invited him to join her, and under the warm water, she sucked him up to full glory, then bending over, grabbing her ankles, she growled with pleasure as Gregor filled up her other hungry hole, giving her a long hard ride, Caroline flying into orgasm, cumming again and again until he stiffened, roared and pumped a volley deep inside her hungry fuck-hole.

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